Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Stories in Hand

So my online journaling class started Monday. Monday was spend making my album to put the pages in. This was a lot of fun. Generally I buy an album to put my scrapbook pages in, but this time I decided not to buy a thing and use what I had. The album that I had was too small, so I cut the front and back off and made new ones. I do like how it turned out.

Today was spend printing off the pages that had the journaling prompts. There are sections for Roots, Family and Self. So after printing and printing and printing I finally was able to cut the pages and hole punch, and cut and hole punch, and on and one......... So far I enjoy the class and it has inspired me to journal more. I may do some here. There is so much that I want my kids to know. I tell them lots, but I want it written down.

On another note. Aaron has strep AGAIN... so if you can keep him and the rest of our family in prayer, I would appreciate it. J and the other 2 have a nasty virus and I am praying a hedge of protection over myself!!! Mom cannot get sick!!

Have an awesome day!!


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