Saturday, July 14, 2018

An update in several parts... Part 6

Well, our family has had quite the adventure.

 May 7th we were planning for me to move down to LA to close on the house.  Aaron came home on the 6th and told us that he was staying in Nashville until August.  He had an apartment and needed help moving his things out.  That was the hardest day of my far.....

Sunday we got a truck, packed his things in it and moved him out/in.  He was rooming with 2 other people, so his rent was affordable. He took my grand dog and moved out. His room was empty.  I was hoping not to see any empty rooms in this house.  My heart was breaking.  I was leaving the next day, saying goodbye to our home of 14 years, saying goodbye to our farm and leaving my firstborn behind.

An Update in Several parts Part 5


This was this years spring musical.  I love that FCA encourages all students to get involved in the Arts.  So many of the football players were in this play.  Zane played Doc and would fill in as one of the gang members.  During one of the fight scenes he and another football player took their rolls a little too seriously and Zane got a bloody nose....but he wasn't that innocent.  We were laughing that makeup wouldn't be needed to make it look like they were all bruised...LOL

An Update in Several Parts Part 4

April also included Zane's Senior Blessing and Banquet/Prom.  I LOVE THIS about FCA... at the end of each senior's year, there are 3 times that they are given a blessing.  The first is the Banquet/Prom. We, as parents get to give our kids a blessing and then Mr and Mrs Harris speak a blessing over our kids. The second is when student in a lower grades speak blessings over the student and the third is during their senior trip when they speak blessings over each other.

What I love about this class is that most of the seniors went together.  They had dates, but for the most part they went with other seniors and as a big group.

Another favorite, is the first dance is for the Senior and Parent.

So, here are a few pictures:

I am also going to include the Senior chapel. This is the underclassman blessing (and a teacher).  It was so good to hear how much your child has impacted the lives of those around him. 

This was a sweet story.  Last year, this girl was touring the school with her parents when Zane walked out of the classroom and began talking to her and her parents. He talked about how much he loved FCA and how much she would love it.  After the tour she went home and wrote Zane a thank you note for making her feel so welcomed and included.  She cried while telling this story and so did I.

Monday, July 2, 2018

An Update in Several Parts... Part 3

April was a VERY busy month for us.  We were packing, and getting the house ready for the move.  I have to say, this move was stressful.  I wanted so bad to be in Louisiana with Mom, but I had to be in TN to make sure everything was moving smoothly.  After almost 5 months of just letters and phone calls,  James and I were finally able to SEE our girl!!  Doesn't she look AMAZING!!!

 We had a great visit. For the first visit, it was just the parents and we had to stay on Campus.  But it was great seeing her and hugging her.
 While we were there they told us that Lydia had won first place in the State Fine Arts competition in art for her drawing for the Assemblies of God.  SHE WAS GOING TO NATIONALS!!!

She was also on two drama teams.  One human video and one kid's skit, both of those teams are also going to nationals.  She is also taking anther girls place on the percussion team so she will be competing in 4 categories.  She is thriving at this school and we now know that this was the best place for her to be

An Update in Several Parts Part 2

Zane, and the rest of the Senior boys, decided this year that they were all going to play soccer.  Zane, playing soccer.... I have gone 20 years avoiding the soccer mom title and they guy waits until his Senior year to play soccer.....  They made it to the playoffs and almost clinched a title.  It was fun watching him play.

February 14th, The Dr and I were about to head back down to LA for a job interview when Daddy called.  Mom had fallen and they were bringing her to the hospital.  We arrived 10 hours later and went straight to the hospital.  Again, her calcium levels were high.  I stayed in LA for 3 weeks with mom at the hospital until they moved her to a Physical Therapy Center.  She would be there  3 weeks While I was in Louisiana we got an offer on our farm!!  It was a great offer and we accepted. The best part was that we could stay at the farm until May11th.. Now the hunt to find a house in Louisiana was on.  I drove home the next day to celebrate losing a teenager.  Aaron turned 20!!!  I don't quite know how I  feel about that, but there is nothing I can do about it.

I drove back down the next week to look for a house and to help spring mom from the PT rehab place.  The day she was to leave, we were told that she would have to start dialysis... her kidneys had suffered terrible due to the fluids given to her to get her calcium levels down.  We were also told by her cancer doctor that her cancer had progressed and that she needed a new treatment.  She was transferred to the hospital and started her new treatments.

While in LA I began to look at houses..  I found a house after 4 days of looking.  It was perfect.  In town (can you say FIBER!!! no more satellite internet!!) a very large backyard for the dogs and FRUIT TREES!!!  Oranges, lemons, fig and pear!!!  It had all the bedrooms that we needed and a sewing room for me!  We made an offer an it was accepted!!  They even accepted our May 11th closing!  I headed back home because Zane was going to Chicago for Week Without Walls.   He had a blast.  We left the day after he arrived and headed back down to LA so that he could visit with Crossroads Leadership College.  James and Zane got to see the house that I picked out and it was met with approval.

Mom was still in the hospital but moved to a Assisted Living Facility. She was having a harder time regaining her strength but they seemed hopeful that she would get stronger.

An update in Several Parts Part 1

Before we left to go to Louisiana for Christmas, my mom had begun to feel bad.  She was disoriented and sleeping a lot. She went to the Dr and the admitted her to the hospital.  We drove down hoping she would be home for Christmas.   Her calcium level were high and they were working on lowering them.  By the time we arrived, she was doing much better, but she still wasn't able to come home for Christmas.

We had a good time here considering the circumstances.   We drove around and looked at neighborhoods.  We knew that it would be the last time that we had to drive down for Christmas and we were looking forward to not having to drive down again.  Mom was able to go home on New Years Eve.  We drove back up the day before, but I promised to be back on the 8th after our anniversary.

January...Back in November James and I made the decision to enroll Lydia in a private boarding school that could help her with some issues that she was dealing with.  We had tried to help her ourselves but we realized that she needed help from professionals who could really focus on her behavior.  

We were told by both schools that she attended in TN that they couldn't (didn't want to) focus so much on just her.  She was allowed to do things that they knew were harmful for her.  Her behavior was getting to the dangerous point and we needed a place that could focus on her and address the issues immediately. The other schools would sometimes wait DAYS before addressing the then it was too late.

We were thrilled with the school and it is a program that we are familiar with, but it was hard telling her and then packing her things and driving her to the school.  She cried, we cried and it was pretty much a hard emotional day.  But we all knew that it was for the best.

Our 29th Anniversary!!!  Y'all, The Dr and I have been married for 29 years!!  I still feel like we are newlyweds, but the ages of our kids tell me different.  I am still in denial about my age...LOL

I drove down to LA on the 8th and spent a week with my parents, mom was doing so much and refused to let me do any of the things that I had gone down to do.  It was a great visit!!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Rounding the Corner

It's about to get real!!!  When we move, it will be 7 years that we've been in this house and 14 years that we've been in TN.  The Dr and I will have celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary!! This fact hit me when we were going through things this weekend.  We've been purging, and packing and getting out house ready to put on the market.  Paining and cleaning and all kinds of things that need to get done to get rid of "us" so that someone can picture "them" in our house.  I am going to miss this farm, but I am reading to be able to drive to visit my mom whenever I want.  I am ready to see our families and friends often.... I miss the warmth although I will miss the 4 seasons here.

Our kids have grown up here and they will be leaving behind their friends. That hurts, but they are ready.  We have had good and bad times here.  We've made friends and lost friends. It's been good.. but the packing... that is stirring up a lot of memories. A LOT!!

I am having a hard time letting go of some things.  There are homeschool books that I wanted to keep.  But right now, I have no reason to keep them.  I am keeping my favorites like my D'allaire books.

Pretty soon, the kids will have to start packing up their things. They will have to make decisions. Aaron has already made some and that is good.  He is letting go.  I think this accident has helped him realize what is important. I know that it has helped me to let go.

I don't look forward to moving this family 10 hours away. I am thinking we will need 3 Uhauls..LOL and a few Suburban loads.  My mom has allowed me to use a room to move my sewing stuff to until after we get there. That will be the last thing I unpack..although I am sure I will bring along a hand project to do until my room is done.

If you think about, please keep our family in your prayer as we will be going through a major change (like the move isn't major enough) in January and our whole family could use some prayers.

Here are a few pictures of the last couple of months.  Zane man his first and last touchdown as a starting Center for his high school career.  It was during the playoffs.  We also had his last football banquet, and he was again was part of the 8 Man Extreme All Star Game  He was in his school's production of The Diary of Anne Frank.