Monday, March 30, 2009

A few things

Well, I finished that quilt!! I forgot how much I loved the whole quilt making process!! It is truly my joy!! It is a stacked coins quilt from this tute.
The back is a little off. It was my first time piecing the back and while I like the look of it, I was totally stressed about it being crooked. It was also my first time stippling or free motion quilting and I love the process. I used white on the white parts and blue on the blue parts but wished that I had used blue for the bobbin thread. Oh well live and learn. Excuse the goofy boy in the second pic. I needed a volunteer to hold the quilt up and my clown volunteered!!

I am now working on a quilt for J's niece's baby shower. (I say J's because I wanted to specify which side of the family she is on so that none of you think that G's oldest is having a baby). She is having a girl so it is PINK!!

I so want to make one of these!! I have a ton of loyalty cards and need a cute place to contain them all.

Well, that is it. The kids are winding down on their school work. The rule is that when they take a test in May then don't start a new section. But this summer the kids will be doing 1-2 pages a day in Math to keep their brains functioning. We shall see how that goes.

Have an awesome day!!


Thursday, March 12, 2009


My little family is sick. I had to take A to the Dr yesterday. When I woke up he told me that his head hurt and his throat burned and is was freezing.. well since our AC is broken I got a tad suspicious. I took his temp and it was 101. Usually this mean strep. So off we go to the Dr and get him checked out. No strep, although they kept it for the overnight test, but he had a touch of poor baby.

Well, like I said we have no with that little warm snap we had I had a warm house to sleep in.. that equals sick for me. I need a cold house!! I did have one relief and that is thisI love this stuff. It really does help me to sleep. 2 Benedryl and a hefty dose of Vicks and I sleep wonderfully!! While at the store picking up drugs for A I found this little numberWhat more could a Vicks addict want?? My kids were were laughing at me telling me that you are supposed to BLOW into the tissue NOT smell it. What do they know??

I put a big pot of soup in the crock pot and the kids and I vegged on the sofa all day watching Qubo. We had a nice little cold snaptoo, so I opened the windows upstairs and got our berooms good and COLD. We both feel much better, but we are still going to spend the day resting. Spring Break starts tomorrow for J, so I want to make sure we both feeling our best for whatever plans we may come up with.

Have an awesome day!!


Monday, March 9, 2009

11 years ago today

I became a mom!!!! A was born on March 3rd, but we didn't get him until the 9th. Today was one of the happiest days of my life. J and I prayed for a baby for 9 years and when I first saw A I wanted to grab him and run..LOL. But his BM handed him to me and I became a mom!! I remembering not wanting to put him down. J let me hold him for a long time before taking his turn. When we left the attorney's office we put him in his seat and I sat in the back just staring at him. He was so perfect and big. he weighed 10.5lbs when he was born and weighed 10lbs 11oz when we got him. We called our parents and described every little bit of him. J stopped to get lunch but we just wanted to get home and hold him and make sure he was safe in our house. His room was waiting!
We got on the basin bridge and headed home. Then about halfway through.... we hear a banging noise coming from the front of the car. We pull over (not a safe thing to do on e the bridge..this was before the speedlimit restrictions) Our headlight on the jeep came loos. I grabbed the electrical tape out of the glove compartment (why it was there, I don't know) and we tapped it back and took off.
When we got home J left to buy formula, so I held A until he got home. We asked visitors to give us a few hours alone. honestly I wanted to give him a bottle without all the stares, and looks. I didn't want my firsts to be critiqued.

Our parents arrived and then my brother.. Then our dear friends who ad adopted their first just 4 months before. Then we were left alone to thank God for giving us this wonderful gift.

I am still amazed that He choose us to be the parents of 3. When we were told that adoption was our only option, we honestly thought that we would have one child. We never thought that He would bless us with 3!!

I have pictures..honestly.. but they are all in albums. We sat down wiht the kids and looked at all f them this weekend. It made me realize that I really need to finish a few of them and get back into putting our pics into albums.

Gotcha day is a special day for us. My kids have 2 special days, their birthdays and their Gotcha Days. So tomnight A gets to choose what is for dinner and what movie we are going to watch. We let him choose lunch yesterday and then took them out for ice cream. It was a special day.

Well, I am off to get the house clean and the kids educated. Have a wonderful day!!


Monday, March 2, 2009

Red Elephants, Wedding, New Babies and Old Friends

What an eventful weekend. The kids and I left Wed to head down to LA for my brother's wedding. It was an awesome trip. My kids are great car riders and were well behaved. A rode in the front with me for the first 3 hours, but then I think he got very bored with me..... Of course he talked the whole time and subjected me to an all Toby Mac playlist....sigh.

We arrived and my parents treated us to dinner. The next day mom and I spent trying to find A's birthday present with him with us. We were unsuccessful. But we were able to get mom a nice outfit for the wedding.

Friday, Gene needed us to take M #3 shopping for wedding shoes. Of course my boys were thrilled with the idea of going girl shoe shopping. But we found the perfect pair at the first store. Mom took the boys to her house and L and I went to visit with my dear friend who was about to have a baby. Gene and his friend Josh showed up at her house so it was a nice visit. Gene had an "anniversary" present for me
Now if you know me, then you know that my favorite color is red and I LOVE elephants!! Gene's new wife is an Alabama fan so in honor of her I have named him Nick. I was so thrilled with him, you see Gene had a bear very similar to this that was green and white.

Friday, James joined us and I missed him so much. I would not do well if he had a job that required him to travel much. We went to J's mom's for dinner. She made shrimp stew and we were able to visit with his brothers and their families. Of course our kids were tuckered out by the end of the night and we had to drag A out of bed at 9am!!!

Sat was the wedding. Late Friday night I got a text that Kelly had her baby. So the boys and I headed to visit. I have a pic, but it is still in my phone and I am being lazy. I didn't take L because she had the sniffles. Got my baby fix for the next couple of years...LOL

Gene had asked me to take some pics of the wedding but we get there and I realize that I had an almost full memory card and no power cable to dump the pics. So I told him that I would take the pics of all of our "old" friends that were at the wedding. So here they are.
Roy and Karen and their girls.. They are so stinkin cute and so sweet... they get that from Karen.
Linda Dupuis Perkins and her Hubby Tim. I think the last time I talked to Linda in person was in jr high!! Way too long..
Brad Martin and his wife whose name escapes me and I feel really bad about that. I haven't seen Brad is at least 15 years... He hasn't changed a bit.
Shawn Hebert Phillips and her husband David. They are going to be grandparents in 6 months..eek

So I have no pics of the wedding, but I am hoping that G sends me a CD whenever he gets settled.

That night we went to eat boiled crawfish with my parents and G's friend Josh who was a visiting Yankee. I think we scared him while eating the crawfish..LOL My kids loved him though. I think they are expecting to see him at every family function from now on..LOL

We drove home Sunday to ground covered in snow right up until we reached our area... then NOTHING!!!LOL oh well..

That all for reading my novel.

Have an awesome day