Monday, March 30, 2009

A few things

Well, I finished that quilt!! I forgot how much I loved the whole quilt making process!! It is truly my joy!! It is a stacked coins quilt from this tute.
The back is a little off. It was my first time piecing the back and while I like the look of it, I was totally stressed about it being crooked. It was also my first time stippling or free motion quilting and I love the process. I used white on the white parts and blue on the blue parts but wished that I had used blue for the bobbin thread. Oh well live and learn. Excuse the goofy boy in the second pic. I needed a volunteer to hold the quilt up and my clown volunteered!!

I am now working on a quilt for J's niece's baby shower. (I say J's because I wanted to specify which side of the family she is on so that none of you think that G's oldest is having a baby). She is having a girl so it is PINK!!

I so want to make one of these!! I have a ton of loyalty cards and need a cute place to contain them all.

Well, that is it. The kids are winding down on their school work. The rule is that when they take a test in May then don't start a new section. But this summer the kids will be doing 1-2 pages a day in Math to keep their brains functioning. We shall see how that goes.

Have an awesome day!!



Aspiemom said...

Your quilt turned out really nice! Aren't your hands sore? I made a wall-hanging quilt when I was around 30yo and it turned out great, but my hands were so sore I vowed never to do one again.

Continuing Math during the summer is a good idea. We may do that, too, but probably not every day. (Shhh, don't tell me son yet!)

June said...

Wow! That is very pretty. I want to learn how to quilt one day but this is not the season. We saw a gorgeous one at the fair last night. It had the name of each state with the state flower. I admire those who can do that :-)

harts4Him said...

I am new to your blog.
I love the quilt. Don't sweat the back. I happen to think that the slope of the back stripe makes it look artsy. The front is all buttoned up and the back is a little askew. Kinda like us busy moms sometimes. I love your color choices, too! Great job!

RachelQ said...

Apsiemom.. My hands only get sore if I had quilt. I machine pieced and quilted this one. I do love hand quilting but don't have the time anymore

Wendi said...

Rach- it is beautiful. I love that it is a baby shower gift- so much love for a brand new baby!

Irmi said...


your Quilt is wonderful, I like the colors and the work.I am from Germany and I also make Quilts and many other things.
I wish you much time for new Quilts.