Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Things that bug me

Ok... this is a "I have to get this off of my chest" post...LOL

1) Giraffe purses
Not gonna lie when I see a woman walking around with one of these it stresses me out..LOL When we were visiting family I saw 3 women together with THE SAME PURSE!! Are you going to Sam's or on vacation?

2) People who don't smile in pictures

I was looking at a few Sr pictures and for goodness sake.....YOU ARE NOT A GANGSTA...SMILE
And when a girl does it too.....ugh

I will refrain from posting a pic... I don't want to cause a family outrage!!!LOL

3) Churches that have ballroom dancing as a Wednesday night elective............seriously... do I need to elaborate?

There are many more things out there...... but I will no long subject you to my rant...


The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

I'm with you on the purse, but I do like alligator skin (not real of course).

candimann said...

That's funny, Rachel. I take senior photos and I like the non-smiling ones as much as the smiling ones. We aren't always smiling and photos should reflect who we are, don't you think? I guess you don't think that. LOL