Monday, April 27, 2009

Sewing Machine Geekness

I love vintage sewing machines. I don't have many because, well, we don't have the space for them all.... BUT.... the kids and I were at Goodwill to look for books and I noticed that green tag items were 1/2 off. After we looked at the books, I spotted this little thing. It was marked for $27.98 and the good part.... IT HAD A GREEN TAG!!!

And the very best part.. it came with a boatload of attachments!!

Many of them can be used on my machines that I have now and some cannot even be used on this machine, so why they were in the cabinet is beyond me. The machine is a Singer Fashion Mate 257 and even came with the instruction book that had the previous owners notes in it. I need to take it in to get it tuned up but it is a cute little machine if I do say so myself.

Have an awesome day!!



Tonya said...

What a beautiful old machine! Did it come with the cabinet too? I see that some of the attachments are for a Kenmore machine lol I hope she sews well after her cleaning and adjusting.

im1blessedmom said...

Oh man, if I had known you like old machines I would have picked up the little number I saw on a sale last week. It was one of those old old ones that are black with gold writing on it....with lots of iron scroll work all over the desk. I should have bought it. I wanted to buy it. But I too don't have the room for it. :o(