Friday, July 28, 2017

News for the Quebedeaux family

Well, after much prayer and talking and prayer and after 13 awesome years of living in Tennessee, the Quebedeaux family has decided to return to the Bayou. We have made several good friends and James has taught in some amazing schools. We are grateful for the time we had as a family here in this great state and we will miss our friends dearly. We are returning home to be closer to family. We are excited to rekindle old friendships and spend more time with family. We are putting our farm on the market in February and are hoping to sell it in a short window. Zane will be graduating with his class from FCA, a school that we love dearly. James has several good teaching prospects in Lafayette both in the private and public sectors. We are praying for God’s guidance as we transition back to a place we love dearly; Lafayette, LA. The last 6 years have been especially fun as we fulfilled our dream of living on a 20 acre farm with goats, chickens, cows, cats, and dogs. We planted our fruit orchard which has produced a bounty of pairs, peaches, fig, apricots, cherries, grapes, blueberries, and blackberries. The kids have had fun playing in the woods and watching wildlife such as deer, turkeys, and an occasional bald eagle. We have had the support of great neighbors on each side of us. This place is truly magical, we will miss it. But the pain of leaving is helped by the thought of being HOME.

This was the status that I shared on Facebook today. It was a hard decision to make, but it was time. I will miss my farm dearly and I will miss harvesting from all of our fruit trees. We are hoping to find something similar (without the hills of course) in our hometown. There is a property already that would be ideal, but we aren't ready to buy just yet. We know that God has the perfect house waiting for us.

Zane will be attending Crossroads Leadership College in Lafayette. It is at our old home church and is a program similar to YWAM. He chose this over YWAM because of the Cajun Food........that boy..LOL, Ok really he chose it because at the end of the program, he will have a Bachelor's degree in Ministry. That has been his goal and calling since he could talk. Lydia will graduate from a school there, we just aren't sure which one yet. There are several small Christian schools and we will most likely put her in one. We aren't sure if Aaron will be joining us. He is an adult and will be 20 when we move. We would love for him to join us and it will hurt if he stays, but he has to pave his own way. I want to cry just thinking about it...

Please pray for our family as we make this transition and for Aaron to make the right decision and for us to be supportive and encouraging.. With that... I present to you a picture that was take our first year here in Tennessee.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

1 Month Ago Today

Well, this is a post that I never thought I have would to write again.  One month ago today, Aaron was in another rollover accident.  It was a Monday morning and our neighbor texted me to see if I was awake and dressed..that is never good.  Then she asked if Aaron was driving a Ford F-150 (The Dr's truck).. oh God not again...  She picked me up and James followed in our car.  There was the truck and Lifeflight was landing on the grounds of our little community center.  He was a mile from our house.  This time he didn't walk away.. this time he was stuck, he thought his pants were stuck, but actually his pelvic bone was broken. We got to see him before they loaded him onto Lifeflight.  They had to sedate him.  We went home, picked Lydia up and headed to the hospital.  Zane was in Florida at camp.  I texted him, and my parents. When we got there, they told us that Aaron was brought straight to the Trauma Unit. The Vandy Dr pulled James and I into a room and gave us the news.  On the flight, they lost Aaron pulse and had to give him blood.  By the time the Dr met with us, they had given him 15 units of blood.  He was bleeding internally, and they didn't know where.  His pelvis was broken and he would most likely be in a wheelchair for the next 2-3 months.  His lungs collapsed, and he was pretty banged up.  They were about to take him down for tests to see where the bleeding was coming from and we could see him as they wheeled him by.

The next day, he went in for surgery.  It didn't take as long as they thought and we were told that it went together perfectly.  That night, I finally got to talk to Aaron.  He asked what time it was and I told him 10pm on Tuesday.  He asked what had happened and I explained that he rolled his dad's truck.  He said he was so sorry.  He spend about 3 days sedated in the Trauma Unit, when they moved him to Critical Care ICU.  A week after the accident he began to eat and talk more.  He was still on heavy pain meds, but was a bit more aware of what was going on.  Less than 2 weeks after the accident, he was moved to PT rehab to learn how to transfer from the bed to his chair and how to dress him self and do basic tasks.  We got to bring him home on July 20th.  Now we are settling him in and adjusting to a new temporary normal.

I do want to brag on my other two kids.  Zane was at camp the Monday and Tuesday. During this time, the people at a  church that we don't attend who we have never met prayed for my son.  Zane got home on Tuesday and Wednesday had his wisdom teeth removed, James took him.  That night, when I switched places with James, Zane told me that he was fine and that I needed to sleep.  He started a job the Monday after his wisdom teeth were pulled.  Lydia made sure the animals were fed and kept up with the dishes (most days..LOL).  There are times I wonder if my family even likes each other..but then times like this happen and they all pull together and just amaze me.

God has been so faithful through all this.  The peace that He has given us is just amazing.  Please continue to pray for Aaron. Prayers that he would see God's hand in his life once again and that he would feel His peace.