Thursday, March 12, 2009


My little family is sick. I had to take A to the Dr yesterday. When I woke up he told me that his head hurt and his throat burned and is was freezing.. well since our AC is broken I got a tad suspicious. I took his temp and it was 101. Usually this mean strep. So off we go to the Dr and get him checked out. No strep, although they kept it for the overnight test, but he had a touch of poor baby.

Well, like I said we have no with that little warm snap we had I had a warm house to sleep in.. that equals sick for me. I need a cold house!! I did have one relief and that is thisI love this stuff. It really does help me to sleep. 2 Benedryl and a hefty dose of Vicks and I sleep wonderfully!! While at the store picking up drugs for A I found this little numberWhat more could a Vicks addict want?? My kids were were laughing at me telling me that you are supposed to BLOW into the tissue NOT smell it. What do they know??

I put a big pot of soup in the crock pot and the kids and I vegged on the sofa all day watching Qubo. We had a nice little cold snaptoo, so I opened the windows upstairs and got our berooms good and COLD. We both feel much better, but we are still going to spend the day resting. Spring Break starts tomorrow for J, so I want to make sure we both feeling our best for whatever plans we may come up with.

Have an awesome day!!


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Aspiemom said...

I read your comment on Mama Belle's blog and have to tell you that you crack me up. Very funny!

I hope you are all feeling better soon and that you aren't getting high on the Vicks.