Friday, November 7, 2008

Our Day Off

Today is Friday, this is the day that the kids and I take off. No school work, no learning, just fun. Ok so that is what A says about Friday. Usually I take them to a nature center or the Nashville Zoo or the Adventure Science Center and we they learn a little bit... But today it is raining and although the ASC is indoor I just don't feel like going. So today we are going to laze around and do nothing. I am thinking of taking them to the grand opening of Trader Joe's in Nashville but that will be later today. I don't feel like fighting the people that wanted to be there the moment the doors open. There loads of granola types in this area and many of them are also homeschoolers. I guess I am a granola type...LOL

So here I am at 9 am just now getting my coffee. I do love the age that my kids are at. The boys usually come downstairs when they wake up and watch tv. L stays in her room, I cannot allow all 3 unsupervised in the same room. That is just asking for trouble. Anyway, today I came downstairs to find A on the computer and Z organizing the dvds.

Well, I am off to take a late morning shower. The kids are watching Charlottes Web.

Have a great day


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