Friday, February 6, 2009

I Hate Math

My hate for math began around the 5th grade. Fractions are evil and I hate them!!LOL

Well, my oldest is in 5th grade.... and he needs me to explain fractions...ME!! So I take his book and read it. Now I do have to say that I wish I had this math book when I was in the 5th grade. They really explained it well, and all that I learned came flooding back. So I was able to explain it to him.

I have no problem admitting to my kids that I don't really know something. I want them to know that learning is something we do our whole lives. J was in school almost our whole marriage!!LOL But I do see a time when A's math will have to be done with dad in the evenings. I am thinking that, until then, I will need to read his math book first so that I can know what to expect when the questions come.

I love teaching my kids and in the process I have learned so much. I have learned a lot about my kids and how they learn, and that helps me help them with their work. I have learned that I love homeschooling. I never doubted that I would, but I am glad that I do. I love spending the day with my kids. I waited so long for them, that I cannot imagine someone else spending all day with them and I only get nights and weekends... I would miss them too much.

Have a great day!! The kids and I are heading out for our weekly fun day. I have no idea what we are doing, but it will be fun!!!



June said...

I heard that comment quite a few times this morning between fractions with the 5th graders, decimals with the 7th grader and algebra with the 9th grader. I also heard I hate Latin but I am enjoying learning it with her.

I wouldn't trade being home to hear it instead of someone else for nothing else in the world though!!

Me said...

I'm sure your children are glad to be homeschooled. I sure am.
This year I am in 8th grade and doing Saxon Algebra 1/2.