Friday, February 13, 2009

Another Dress for L

I love this pattern from the Handmade Dress it is easy to make and very fulfilling. I made it for my brother's wedding at the end of the month. L asked me if she could bring one of her dolls to the wedding and I said yes, so of course I thought Chloe needed a new dress too. I love this fabric line. It is the Stonehill Collection and I picked it up at Joann's when it was 1/2 off. Of course I bought way too much so I will have to figure out something to make with the rest.

Excuse L's hair.... So, now I need to make a skirt for myself and if I have time a new top. Have a great day today. The kids and I have a bit of running around to do.



Therese said...

Hey stranger! I'm not quite sure how I got here, but it was exciting running into an old friend. It's been forever.

Therese said...

Oh sorry. I probably should have left my name, huh? It's Therese!

Therese said...

Hey! I didn't realize Mama Belle was Richard's wife?! We were neighbors growing up. Email me:

little dresses said...

So cute! And the doll are really showing me up aren't ya! I better not let my girls see this ;)