Wednesday, May 17, 2017


The next few years are going to be quite emotional for me.  It all started last year with Aaron graduating...actually it started when he turned 16 and it's pretty much gone downhill since then..LOL

This year is full of fun activities.  Zane had his Jr Prom.  I love the way our school does Prom. It is a banquet for the Sr's with the parents and Headmaster pronouncing a blessing over each senior.  The whole high school is invited and after they all have a dance with a mom/son father/daughter Sr dance kicking it off.  This year being Zane's Jr year we didn't have to go.  He took his friend Abby and they had a great time.

He was also in the FCA's Production of OKLAHOMA!  playing Jud Fry.  This was so out of his character but Ms Mimi wanted him to stretch himself.  Not bragging, but he nailed it.  His solo was amazing and many people talked about how awesome he was.  His dedication and commitment to everything that he does is amazing.

Lydia turnes 16 today... 16.. I can't believe it!  Lydia has always been a little behind maturity wise and I have gotten a bit used to it. But last night, when we picked her up from her schools graduation, I realized just how much she has grown and matured during this past year.  Our original plan was to wait until she was 17 for her to get her learner's permit, but we decided to go ahead and get one for her this year. She really wants a job and so she will need to drive herself there since we live out in the boonies.  She is also taking art this year and had a fabulous display at the Art Fair.

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