Friday, November 4, 2016

Aaron's Accident

I never did get around to posting The Dr's story about Aaron and the man who was one of the first people on the scene of his accident.  First, I will tell you Aaron's side of the story and then I will share what the man told The Dr.

This is Aaron's story

  • youngquotesFor anyone who doesnt know the story. This is it. I fell asleep driving, went into a very deep ditch, hit a culvert head on, did a complete front flip over the driveway, continued flipping about 8 more times. Truck stopped upside down. I looked up, blood everywhere, unbuckled my seatbealt. Wiped my hand on my head and my whole hand was red. I was weak. I felt blood coming out my head, nose, and ear like water coming out a water bottle. I got out the driver side window climbed (crawled) to the top of the ditch made it to the road and waved a car down, as soon as i waved the car down i passed out from blood loss. Clothes were removed on the side of the road i was stopped from bleeding thanks to the person i waved down, he happened to be a retired army medic. I was taken to the hospital in a helicopter. Dont remember hearing, getting on, seeing or getting off the helicopter. I passed out on the road and woke up having needles going in everywhere in my body. Things connected to me everywhere. Neck brace around my neck doctors and nurses around me. I now have a severe concussion which could lead to a coma in sleep. I have 10 staples in the back of my head. I have stitches covering my face. My ear was stitched back on. And i am sore everywhere in my body. My eye is also swollen shut and completly red. It is literally a miracle im alive. 5 minutes longer of a wait wouldve killed me from blood loss.

    He doesn't remember before the accident either...but he told me that he vividly remember flipping....  
  • I am so proud of Aaron and that he was willing to be honest about what happened to him.

    And this is J's....  This story had 218 shares on Facebook.  It is amazing.
    How God used a pig to save my son. This is long, but please read. The man in the picture praying with Aaron is the man who contacted Rachel (Aaron gave him our phone number before passing out). Since I had the man's phone number on caller ID, I decided to call him yesterday to thank him. After a few minutes into the conversation, the gentleman asked me "Sir, do you believe in God?" I said "yes". He said well, I need to tell you a story. Below is his story:
    "The night before your son's accident one of my pigs escaped from our farm. Usually when this happens, they return the next morning. Well the next morning it did not return. I spent 10 minutes searching for it, which made me late for work. All the while I was looking for the pig, I felt like God was telling me "there is a purpose". When I got into my house to leave for work, my 4 year old daughter had fixed oatmeal for me. I figured since I was already late for work, what is another 5 minutes. Well, that put me 15 minutes behind schedule and I kept hearing "there is a purpose" in my mind. Well, because I was 15 minutes late for work, I rolled up on the scene of your son's accident while the wheels were still spinning (the truck was up-side-down in a ditch). "
    I thought that was the end of the story, but it was not. The stranger then told me something more amazing. He said, "Sir, I am a retired military field medic. It just so happens that on that morning I had my medical field bag with me. Your son was bleeding so heavily from the impact that I knew he did not have much time. In my back, I had a blood congealing agent and bandages. I was able to stabilize him. I also worked for the police department when I got out of the military. I had the "Life-Flight" number in my contacts and called immediately. " He ended with this statement. "Sir, I do not believe in coincidences". 
    To all my Facebook friends, I don't know where your stand is on a creator God. But I can honestly say that Aaron is alive today only because of a series of "coincidences". Thank you Lord Jesus for letting us keep our son for a little longer. I pray your protective hand remains on his life.

    Please continue to pray for our boy as his scars are healing on the outside, please remember to pray for him. 

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    The Fish Family said...

    How is Aaron doing? I pray for him all the time when I drive on 840. I think the Lord brings him to mind. Please update. You can text if it's easier than composing a post.