Thursday, March 24, 2016

18 part 2

My oldest turned 18 this month.  He has never been one for ceremony.  So his day consisted of spending time with friends and then dinner with The Dr and me. We did manage to give him his card and let him know how much we love him.

 As a mom I wanted a big party with lots of friends, but it isn't how he does things.  The only time he likes people watching him is when he is on the basketball court.  Then he shines.

 I am having a hard time transitioning from being the mom of 3 "kids" to having one adult child. I mean really, when did we go from this
To this

Of course we all know that turning 18 isn't a magic time where all of a sudden you become a responsible adult. Case in point, my boy got a tattoo...yep.. He told me that he never filled out so many forms in his life..LOL  But it is tactful and hidden.

It seems he is always gone.  Somewhere.  Never here.  I honestly think God puts this spurt of independence in our kids to prepare us for when they fly.  It is becoming easier and easier to make plans knowing that he may or may not be choose to join us and I am doing better at not forcing or guilting him into doing things with us.  So here he is... with his ride to independence.  Next...graduation.....

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