Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Life of Red, also known as Sir Loin

2 years ago The Dr asked me what I wanted for my birthday.  I said "A Steer!"  So, he went out and we got a bull and a pregnant cow with a steer calf.  We sold the other cattle this summer, but we kept Red.  Raising cow takes more than we were able to commit at this time in our lives.
The Dr still works all through the school year and we have 3 very active teenagers.  Plus we need the infrastructure. Plus it would be nice if we had hay equipment.  Maybe, in a few years we will do it again.  I do know that I would go with Dexters again.  They are a good size, mild mannered and don't eat a lot

So, 3 weeks ago, The Dr loaded Red up and we took him to a processor.  This week L and I picked him up and loaded him in the freezer.  It feels good to know that our beef was raised and processed humanely and was grass fed.  We don't spray our fields and didn't give him any growth hormones or antibiotics. I do miss seeing the cows on the hill and I hope we can get more soon.  But for now, we will enjoy the bounty that God has provided for us.

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