Tuesday, August 18, 2015

So much news!

So much has gone on since my last post.  The Dr has changed schools and so have the boys. This was not an easy decision but it was the best one for the family.  Things were changing and they didn't fit the mission that we had for our family.  God is good and provided a great school for the boys to attend and play sports and an awesome teaching opportunity for James. The girl is home and that has been the best thing for her.  Aaron is entering his Sr year and Zane is going into the 10th.  Last year when I started back homeschooling Lydia, I bumped her up a grade, so in essence, she skipped 7th grade. This year she is a freshman..

My canning kitchen is finished and I am about to test it's usefulness.  Lydia and I have about 100 lbs of tomatoes to get done.  After that we will work on beans.  I am hoping to turn the focus of this blog to more of the farm goings on, and less of my family.  My kids are growing, and I hope to respect their privacy and not post so much about them.

Hopefully over the next couple of posts/days I will be updating on all the things that have been happening on the farm. Today, Lydia and I are canning tomatoes.  She will be picking all of the tomatoes and peppers that are left in the garden and we will let the chicken loose and allow them to tear it apart.  Then we can head to the woods to gather leaves and lay it on top of the garden space and let it decompose until spring.

So, I leave you with my last post, that I made almost a year ago. This is what we will be doing today.

Have a wonderful day


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