Monday, September 5, 2011

Sacrifices and Blessings

Living on a farm out in the middle of nowhere has it sacrifices and blessings. The sacrifices: Kroger is now 30 minutes away, our cell coverage is spotty and there is no unlimited high speed internet......Ok maybe they all fall under both catagories.. The blessings? Watching my kids come inside after a day of getting a full day's worth of vitamin D. The joy one their faces is wonderful. The adventures that they describe are worth more than being able to connect to the internet at a moments notice. So, I have to plan my shopping trips, big deal... I think I can live with that. Our family is in it's element. We are all doing the things that we love to do.

So here is a little update since my last post:

Meet Maximus Gabriel Quebedeaux. He is a Great Pyreneese and going from a little fluff ball to a big one in no time flat. I will give you Mac's story. We picked him up on Sunday July 24th. My daddy's birthday. When we got there they were giving him a bath and a good dosing of flea spray. We were happy to learn that Mac was born on June 12th... Zane's birthday. Since Zane was the one always begging for a dog, this seemed like a God thing! And boy it was. Well, Mac was going to be an indoor dog until we felt he knew us well enough and he was old enough for his shots. At his first home, he was with other dogs, so he was well protected. Well, Tuesday night we were all moved in and Mac started acting funny. He was wheezing and coughing and we didn't know what was wrong. We could tell he was distressed, so we were getting the number for the emergency clinic. Then, out of the blue he starte shaking foaming and his eyes rolled back in his head. He went limp. We thought we had lost him. The kids were all crying and so was I. That little pup had stolen our hearts. Zane wanted to know what to do, so I told him to pray. He held his little dog and started rubbing his belly and praying for him. I finally got the clinic on the phone (we didn't have a land line yet) and was telling them what happened. All of a sudden Zane yelled "he is ok" Little Mac had coughed and was breathing. So J and the boys rushed him to the clinic. It seems that his little body couldn't handle the adult flea spray that they had put on him and it was toxic to him. Our God is so faithful.. He kept our little pup safe. He went from 8 lbs on the day we got him to 15 the next Sunday.

Well, the pup isn't so little now and he is outside doing what he was bred to do... protecting our livestock...althought I wouldn't call these ladies "livestock" but he is doing his job. Meet Superchic(k)s Hey we had Toby and Mac...we had to go with the Christian Music theme!

I don't remember the exact date that we got them, but it is written down. They are Buff Orpingtons. J said they weren't very "buff" but kinda scrawny........ sigh...We kept them in the coop for a few weeks, and then let them out little by little. This we let them out daily and they have rewarded us with 2 eggs!! Let's just say we were all excited! Last weekend we added 4 pullets to the mix. They are still inside until J can get the back fence fixed up. It is a goat fence and they pullets can go right through it.

Well, that is all my "high speed dial up" can handle for the day and since the temps are in the 60's I am making a big pot of gumbo! Later I will update on all the cleaning up that took place the first week we were here. The property look so much better.

Have a wonderful day


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