Sunday, June 5, 2011


How have things been? Our first year of "school" is over....and what a ride it has been!! The kids all want to go back, so I that is a good thing. They haven't even complained that I am having them do math during the summer!! WOW!!!

Anyway, this year marks a big birthday year for us kid wise. A turned 13. He is now one of those dreaded "teenagers" that he used to complain about... Z is going to be 11 and entering 6th grade. I will have 2 Jr Highers this fall... Well, official... their school had the 5,6 and 7th graders all labeled as Jr High because they shared teachers. And L, well L entered the Land of Double Digits by turning 10. Also this year A has passed me up in height. He is now a good 5'10" I thought he wouldn't hit 6 until his freshman year, but if this growing thing keeps up, he may hit it earlier. But he is still my boy...growing into a man....

I think I am busier now that the kids are all in school. There is just so much that I have to do "outside" of the home, that home stuff just gets shoved on the back burner.

Ok, try not to pass out that I am posting.... I may actually do this more now that I have a bit of free time!


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