Saturday, March 20, 2010

Like I need another hobby

My friend Robyn is showing me how to crochet. My mom had taught me years ago (like 30) and I tried again when I was in my 20's but being the impatient young'un that I was I never kept up with it. So, Robyn has offered to teach my. Well, since all my sewing stuff if packed up because we are trying to sell our house, then well, I need something to do.

Robyn suggested that we dye wool. Yes, I am blaming her..LOL I heard about dyeing wool with Kool-Aid years ago, but never really tried it since I didn't crochet or knit. We found a site that shows how to do it in a crock pot. So after a trip to Goodwill for a used pot and to Joann's for cheap wool, I headed to Robyn's for a morning of fun.

Here is the stash of Kool-Aid..oh yeah and my liquid motivation.. A Rt44 Diet Coke from Sonic.

Here is what we started with. Our story will continue with the yarn on the left because the one on the right was acrylic and didn't get along well with the Kool-Aid.

I didn't get a shot of it in the cooker but I do have one of the first yarn that we started with. It was more of a natural color where the one that I brought home is a natural/tan variegated yarn. The shot here is the one Robyn is working with. We used different "flavors" for each yarn.

But, here it is all dyed up and cooling off.

And here it is all balled up ready for something. I tried several scarf options, but settled on this pattern. I will post pics when it is finished.