Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bitterness and Hurt

I have been thinking a lot about those 2 words. God has been dealing with me about letting go of hurt. Not bitterness, because I believe that I gave that up a long time ago. But the hurt still lingers. There are times, when I cannot sleep, that I start thinking. And we all know where that can go. Last night I couldn't sleep (surprise!) and the thought crept in. It was simple, I wonder how so and so is doing? Do you remember what they said to you? And then the hurt. I can honestly see that person again and love them dearly. I really do, but the hurt, well, it hurts. So last night I made captive my thoughts. I said "NO! I will not go there!!" And I didn't. Instead, I captivated the good thoughts and I loved on that person in my mind. So much so that I was missing them.

My mind does wander a lot. And if you read this, you realize that so does my writing. So I will leave you with my pastor's facebook status from yesterday. As many of you may know, his son was killed tragically a few weeks ago. He was 19 and on his way to his first year of college. So, when you think of me, please pray for my pastor, Steve Berger, and his family. Here are his words:

I've been to rock bottom, and I want you to know, there is a firm foundation there in Christ! Our families love and thanks goes out to the entire Body of Christ. God bless you all!

Love you all!!



jeff ables said...

This was an encouraging post. I love you and I'm proud of you and I hope any hurt I've ever caused you is forgiven and forgotten. You and James are two friends I cherish in this life. I hope you know that!

Mama Belle said...

What a great quote.

Being done with hurt is hard and takes a long time. I still hurt from stuff that happened 20 years ago. Time does help, but thank God He's always there to show me His love never fails.