Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So I guess an update is in order

Well, 2 days after The Cat took off, we decided the best thing for our kids was the go out and get a kitten..... seriously sometimes I don't think... But he is a cute little fur ball and full of energy. J is even smitten with him. Of course soon he won't be much of a he anymore...but here he is
He is much cuter in person and full of fluff, but if you have ever tried to hold a 9 week old kitten know how hard it is to take a pic.. Now, I have to say the little boy loves the Macbook Pro. When he is ready for a nap, he climbs up in my lap and spread his little self across the keys. So, if you ever come across major typos from me you know why.

So we get this cute little frisky kitten and 2 days later who mozies on out from under the kids playhouse... yup, The Cat. Now this cat is, well, old and settled in her ways. She does not appreciate the fact that a) we replaced her so soon and b) that we did it with a MALE and c) that we did it with a kitten. It is so much fun to watch the two. He is the typical little brother. He follows her around everywhere and grabs hold of her tail when she isn't looking. Then when she hisses at him, he starts licking his paw like he did absoutly nothing wrong. The only time that she will tolerate him is when his is sprawled across the MacBook sleeping.

So we went from one cat, to none, to one, to two all in a weeks time. BTW, we named the little guy Toby. I am sure TobyMac appreciate having a cat named after him. But I have to say he is a Toby. J calls him Tobias and I call him Toby A...., because he reminds me of A when he was little. Always on the move.

We were thrilled when The Cat arrived and there was much hugging of her, much to her disdain. So for those of you who prayed that she would return... Thanks!!!

Have a wonderful day


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Good to be a Queen said...

I am so happy to hear that... I was worried about her and your family, having lost three cats myself...Enjoy your big girl and your new baby