Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Dress for The Girl

In my effort to dress my daughter in modest, yet stylish dress, I have to come the conclusion that I must make the majority of her dresses or else she will look like a skank. The Girl is tall and lanky, so if I get a dress to fit her non existent butt then it is too short, and if I buy for length then it is too baggy...... Good thing I can sew. So this is her first dress, or anything for that matter, for the spring.
I really like the pattern, and since it was designed by a fellow homeschooler, I didn't mind paying for it. She writes very clear directions with lots of pictures, although they weren't necessary with the way she writes.. It can be found here. I want to make one for my brothers wedding in Feb. The colors that the girls will be wearing is dark blue, so I am thinking along those lines since I want to take a big family pic then. My boys will be in blue too..I think I will also make it long sleeves since for some strange reason it is cold in LA.... Maybe I will just make her a shawl...

BTW In my effort to purge my sewing stuff I was able to us up 3 pieces of fabric from the stash. Yay!!!!

Have an awesome day



The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Really cute. Wish I could sew (sigh).

Linda M. said...

This is really nice! I only made ONE outfit for Joseph when he was little. I made a onsie. I was so proud of that outfit. I sitll have it; I store it in my treasure box for Joseph's baby items that can't fit in a scrapbook.


Crystal said...
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