Monday, June 12, 2017

Louisiana Visit

The Dr, Zane, Lydia and I drove down to Louisiana to visit our families.  We spent a few extra days there so that Zane could visit with the Crossroads Leadership College leader and so that The Dr could do some much needed yard work around their house.

Mom and Dad were supervisors and drivers for them.  In the end they took 3 truck loads, well packed to the Parish composting facility.  Their yard looks so much cleaner.  

Here is Zane tamping down the branches.  At $6 a load they were set on only taking 3 loads.....

Me and my momma at Prejeans!  I love my momma!!!

Of course we ate way too much but enjoyed our visit with our families, And snow cones!! Real Louisiana Snow Cones!!!!

Aaron didn't come and I missed him, but he is getting older
and wanting more independence..I get that.

 Goodbye Atchafalaya Basin and Tiger Stadium.  It won't be long, I promise!!

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