Saturday, July 6, 2013

Starting over and a bargain find.

Ok, I am going to try to start this blog thing again.  The Dr wants me to keep track of farm life and since I already have this one going I figured I might as well use it.

So lets go on a journey.....

Back in May, when my parents were visiting, we stopped in at a Goodwill.  This is not normal shopping for us to do, but the restaurant that we wanted to go to wasn't open and a GW was across the street.. and A wanted to go.  So, Mom went to the books, A to the T-shirts and Daddy and I looked at the kitchen stuff..  We wandered around and there, in the midst of bread machines and coffee makers was this... look at all the trays....and look at that price!!!

 Daddy and I plugged it in and it turned on.. it smelled a little dusty, but we figured it needed a good cleaning.  So I put it in the basket and called my Bro who had recently purchased a new one.   He said it was a good price..YAY!  Well, fast forward to July and I am just getting around to cleaning it up.  I untaped it (yes, I am slow) and was excited to find the fruit roll tray inside and the screen for drying smallish items!!    I plugged it in and the dusty smell went away!  Now, I can do something will all the onions that we have growing... first the sun needs to come out so that I can cure them.....
The potatoes are curing in an old fridge that we have.   I am just waiting for my tomatoes to decide to turn red.  It has been cool here but they need heat to ripen.  I am thinking of putting a greenhouse tent over them to help them along, then I get to play with my other new gadgets!

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Beth Spaulding said...

Looking toward to keeping track of your farm life. I was just looking at a small dehydrator at Amazon. I want to do apples.