Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Snow Day

The one little bit of snow that we have had so far was quite pathetic and it happened on a Sunday... but I did wake the kids up to let them know that it was snowing, and then we bundled up and headed out to play... Except for the almost 14 year old, who rolled over looked out the window and went back to sleep..... Z and L asked if I could pack a "brunch" for them so that they could go outside and play. While they were feeding the animals and freeing the chickens from their coop, I packed them a snack. They headed off to eat in their "fort" in the woods.

My kids argue and fight like the best of them, but then they do something that blesses my socks off. I told Z and L that I wanted to take a picture of them walking down the hill and Z reaches over, puts his arm around L's shoulders and they start walking. What a blessing to see him love his little sister that way.

Many times, I can let the isolation that I sometimes feel get the best of me. But then God blesses me with a few days of great conversation with good friends and I feel refreshed.

Here are a few more pics of the snow... Not much, but coming from a Louisiana girl.. this was quite the "snow storm"

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