Wednesday, January 20, 2010

School, School and more school

I really LOVE homeschooling. I love being with my kids and watching them learn. It can be frustrating being with them ALL the time, but generally the pros outweigh the cons.

BUT...our church has a little school. I went to the info day and I was very impressed. L is going to go next year. I already knew that but this really confirmed that it would be a good fit for her. I love that their focus is a CHRISTIAN education vs a christian EDUCATION. There are a few "Christian" schools in this area that have lost the focus of creating disciples for Christ. This school doesn't plan on becoming a "evangelistic" school. And if you have attended a Christian school at any time in your life, then you know what that is.

Anyhoo.. I really think all of my kids would love it! I am actually considering sending them all to this school at some time. I never really thought I would because I have been very disappointed in many of the schools that I have come across.

Well, off to pray and seek God's will for our lives. I love that journey that He has us on.

Have a great day!!



Tisra said...

Super exciting!

Wendi said...

My little guy is in a school similar to what you described. He is now in 2 days a week, which gives ME three days a week with him. But now he is begging to go every day. #1: it is expensive. #2: can they love him like I love him? #3: can I handle having him away? I so get what you are going through...